Rentapad is an innovative service that enables hotel guests, private individuals, and organisations of all types to enjoy the New iPad with it’s stunning Retina display, pre-loaded with an excellent selection of apps, and unlimited* 3G Internet access without having to make the commitment of purchasing the device(s) outright, or subscribing to a large data plan.

Rentapad has an innovative range of iPad hire solutions and whether you are a guest at one of our partner hotels, a private individual, or have an organisational requirement to hire a number of iPads for a corporate event, business usage or any other requirement, we can help.

For more information go to our contact us page or email info@rentapad.eu. We can also be reached by phone on 0333 247 4646 during normal UK business hours.

*Subject to fair usage policy


Rentapad, working with its partner hotels has launched an innovative iPad rental service for hotel guests. Tourists and business travellers staying at our partner hotels can rent an iPad for periods ranging from a few hours to many days.
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Why not rent iPads for your organisation? We offer a wide range of solutions ranging from short term hire for corporate events to long term leases to make the acquisition of the devices an operational expense instead of a capital expense.
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Rentapad, will shortly be launching a further iPad rental service available to individuals everywhere. Wherever you are within the United Kingdom, you can rent an iPad for periods ranging from 24 hours to a number of days.
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